eastern market continued

i’ve been in detroit 3 weeks and in those 3 weeks, i’ve been to eastern market 3 times. so in essence, i’ve gone every week. the only other place in detroit that might beat out this place in terms of frequency of travel would be…work.

this week, me and todd set out on a somewhat unheard of endeavor in detroit. we tried walking to eastern market from downtown. distance wise, it’s not too bad. i would say it was a solid 25-30 minute walk, but there’s something about walking that seems almost taboo here. maybe it’s the empty streets or all the bombed out neighborhoods, but for someone who craves walkability in cities, it’s been the hardest adjustment for me. that being said, the walk was kind of enchanting and the trip was well worth it. groceries for a week for 2 people: $26?? only in the D.

similar to last week, i tried to capture authentic moments and authentic people (in addition to the crazy ones that i just couldn’t resist).


One comment

  1. You’re a good photog! :)

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