downtown synagogue

everyday on my three minute (WALKING) commute to work, i pass this building pictured below. for the longest time, i didn’t know what it actually was despite the now very obvious sign in front of it and i didn’t know whether it was in fact still in use. that second part is a reasonable question to ask in detroit. well, as it turns out, it is in fact a synagogue and it is in fact, still in use. courtesy of roomate who actually attended service here, i’ve learned some interesting facts about the jewish community in the heart of downtown.

1. this synagogue is probably the most ethnically diverse jewish community you will ever come across

2. the first two floors are used for synagogue services and functions, but the top two floors are completely bombed out

3. sad bit of history, most of the white synagogue attendees left this synagogue for suburban counterparts after the decision was made to allow blacks into services.


One comment

  1. that’s a good looking synogogue

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