hopscotch detroit

let me take a moment to tell you how awesome detroit is. well for starters, there’s this organization called hopscotch detroit that has set out to create the world’s longest hopscotch. EVER. i mean, where else are you gonna find such whimsy? seriously though, check it. http://hopscotchdetroit.com/

so now onto how i have anything to do with this organization. the short, but unfortunate answer, is nothing. and yet their little bit of whimsy still managed to bring some cheer into my day. after a particularly long and crazy day of work, i noticed the hopscotch course outside the madison building where i work. i happened to have my camera with me today so i figured, why not snap a few shots? the hopscotch chalking was adorable afterall. well, after a solid ten minutes of me crouched close to the ground in all kinds of funny positions to capture some absurd angle i wanted, the people nearby began to notice the crazy girl taking pictures. but more importantly, they began to notice what said crazy girl was taking pictures of. and well, they started hopscotching! funny how that happens right? so thank you hopscotch detroit! for the little bit of  merriment and some great blog material to work with. and of course, let me know how i can return the favor.

now to summarize. thanks for bearing with me.

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  1. Love this! I read about Hopscotch Detroit in the Daily GOOD a few weeks ago and thought that the Detroit VFA crew would enjoy something like this: http://www.good.is/post/hopscotch-detroit-community-building-with-miles-long-pop-up-playground?utm_campaign=daily_good2&utm_medium=email_daily_good2&utm_source=headline_link&utm_content=Community%20Building%20With%20Miles%20Long%20Pop-up%20Playground%20in%20Detroit

    Glad you stumbled upon it. Cool slideshow too! I hope they are successful in their efforts to make the longest hopscotch!

  2. I would have totally done this.

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