detroit soup

detroit soup | a monthly dinner funding micro-grants for creative projects in detroit

let me break down what that really means because this event is absolutely amazing and i want everyone to know about it. you pay $5. you get a  simple dinner of soup and bread. but more importantly, you get a vote. people with proposals about how to help the community pitch their hearts out and at the end of the night, the idea with the most votes gets the pot of the money from the night. i can’t quite describe in words the eclectic vibe that this event gives off. if i were to try, it would sound a little bit like this.

urban. authentic. community. hipster. but real. momentum. collaborative. democratic?

i know i have a habit of being verbose so i’ll spare you any further attempts and instead, let my photos do the talking for me.

check them out: and if you’re in detroit, hopefully i’ll see you at the next one.


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