the madison crown jewel

there’s nothing like a city blanketed in snow to make you reminisce about the days when public spaces were still usable. and the reminiscing leads you to pictures taken before the wintry storms, pictures of an outdoor space that you’re especially grateful to have in your life: the madison rooftop.

there are certainly perks to working in the madison building. tech startups galore, herman miller chairs, faygo slushie machines…the list continues. but perhaps the most exciting of them all, is the roof. with scenes that overlook tiger stadium, beautifully spec’d furniture courtesy of doodle home and one of the coolest whale murals i’ve ever seen gracing its walls, it’s a spot that makes you yearn for the warmer weather to return.



  1. I did rooftop sunset/sunrise yoga in Madison over the summer and it was wonderful! I wish I have had explored more rooftops in Madison.

  2. Great set of photos! That one with the fox sign in amazing!

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