hipster soup

“I like action shots. I don’t use a flash. A little blur is O.K., as long as the flavor and mood of the light is there. I don’t ask for poses, in fact I actively discourage them. I still remember when my daughter, at the age of three or four, first displayed her fake camera smile. It was awful.” – Thomas Beller, Saying Goodbye to Now

Thomas Beller, in a far more articulate manner than I could ever have accomplished, expressed exactly how I feel about photography. I do it to capture the “memory” and the “feel” of fleeting moments. At the last Detroit Soup, the overwhelming feeling of the night seemed to scream…hipster. A note about myself, I tend to have a love hate relationship with the hipster descriptor, but for the sake of presenting a holistic understanding of Detroit, I am proceeding with this post.

Some people have called Detroit the new Williamsburg, a denotation that becomes increasingly apt with the rising population of a demographic I can only describe as…aggressively hipster. At this particular Soup, the title was emphatically reinforced. Bold colors. A rustic but urban setting. An interpretive dramatic presentation on…parsley. And the little bit of blur on all of my shots (which I am in fact, generally O.K. with for the sake of flavor or mood), only seemed to enhance the effect. But in all of its hipster glory, Detroit Soup was still Detroit Soup. A great cause got some much needed funding. People with a heart for the city came together over a great meal. And Soup celebrated a new permanent home at the Jam Handy, a home that thankfully includes heating.



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  1. Uh, some don’t want Detroit to become another Williamsburg. I moved back to Detroit to get away from east coast hipsterdom– currently gentrifying and ruining South Philly, among other places. What makes Detroit great is its authenticity– while everything about hipsters– the poses, ideas, attitudes, looks, tastes– is adopted; ungenuine; fake. Just my two cents. Thanks.

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