winter’s end

I realize that there’s been a bit of a hiatus on this blog. To my credit, I blame the Detroit winter. Coming from the northeast, one could say that I should be fairly used the cold winters by now. And while this is true, there was something different about this last one. It was just that little bit colder to make it that much more biting, it snowed for just enough days in a row to make someone thoroughly dread what would otherwise be a pleasant experience, the days got dark just early enough for an average 9-5 to completely miss out on daylight hours. In summary, there was this pervasive sense of bleakness that thwarted all motivation outside of the daily necessities. And of course, this is all my long-winded way of saying I apologize and that I expect more inspiration-to-content conversion as the weather gets nicer.


All winter, people have told me to just wait until the weather gets nice in Michigan, that’s when I’ll see everything this state has to offer. Well, I’m eagerly awaiting because if anything, I’m certainly done with winter.


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