sometimes you wake up late at night, you find yourself incapable of falling back asleep and there’s this compelling pull to look out the window. i can’t say that i’ve ever gotten these feelings in suburbia, but in cities, all the time. well, last night as i obliged that sentiment, i saw detroit in all of its city glory. you may wonder why that’s significant, but it’s because in all the time that i’ve been here (which granted is not all that long), i have yet to fully feel the presence of the city as an urban form. wandering through detroit, there are moments when it feels like a suburb, moments when it feels like a 1970s neighborhood block, moments when it feels like a glorified ghost town, but there are few moments when i really say to myself: yes i am in the motor city. this one moment that essentially ruined what would have otherwise been a good night’s sleep was well worth it because i saw for the first time, the city of detroit.

fun fact: this was taken at 2:30am and there were vehicles on the road. exciting for downtown. 


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  1. Do you post your photos anywhere? If not, you should start a flickr or deviantart account. Your shots are too good to just stay on one blog!

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